Who are we?

MICRO VIEW ENDOSCOPIE OPTIK J.S.C. has been established in 2002 as a 100% private Bulgarian–German company, specialized in optical and optomechanical assemblies with application in the field of endoscopy.

The company has built-in ISO – International Organization for Standardization.

With its manufacturing capabilities in optical technology, precision engineering and installation, the company is a worthy and desirable co-partner for a number of customers with high requirement in the field of medical and technical endoscopies. 



MICRO VIEW ENDOSCOPY OPTIC  J.S.C. produces and offers rod lenses, spherical lenses, achromatic, flat pharallel plates and components for microscopes, object glasses, eyepieces, endoscopes and other precision instruments.



MICRO VIEW ENDOSCOPY OPTIC  J.S.C. has equipment to produce high microoptical details and modern machines of companies



MICRO VIEW ENDOSCOPY OPTIC  J.S.C. produces optical mechanical units (lenses, eyepieces, etc.) for endoscopes, microscopes and other optical instruments, in accordance with the customer's technical documentation.